Step Back In Time With The Club C 85 Vintage from Reebok

Reebok continues to re-drop the classics. This time we revisit the Club C.

Reebok actually dates all the way back to 1958 but for purposes of this post we’ll fast forward to the 80s.  In 1982, Reebok debuted their Freestyle shoe, the first athletic shoe designed for women. The following year, Reebok’s sales were $13 million. The company began expanding from tennis and aerobics shoes to running and basketball throughout the mid to late 1980s, the largest segments of the athletic footwear industry at the time. In 1985 Reebok became an official US brand and the following year the company switched its logo from the Union Jack flag it had since its founding, to the current logo – an abstract Union Jack streak across a race track – which mirrored the design of the side flashes of its shoes.. The switch signaled the transition of the company into a performance brand as it began licensing deals with professional athletes in the NBA and NFL. In 2005 the brand was acquired by Adidas. Currently the company operates under the name Reebok International Limited and they are re-releasing many of their iconic sneakers.

The Club C is an iconic men’s tennis shoe that speaks to those with purist tendencies. Its clean style is reminiscent  of the preppy era from the 80s. Popular music from the era included Madonna, Billy Idol and Run DMC. Hit shows were The Cosby Show (Yikes Bill) and Miami Vice. These classic Club C 85 Vintage sneakers will bring back memories for some or help create new ones for others. 

Brand: Reebok
Model: Club C 85 Vintage
Release: Available NOW
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