Spark Up These Straight Fire Streetwear Fits from THC

Streetwear brand THC has harvested some potent new strains that are destined for the top shelf.

Based in Trinidad & Tobago THC is a streetwear brand that has been cultivated from The Hideout Clothing store. Inspired by the surroundings and upbringings of the founders, THC offers a blend of Caribbean themes, with strong influences of international fashions and trends. Extensive global travel helps the company to offer real organic products that are galvanized by the daily lives of hard working, self-made entrepreneurs. Representing the streets, the come-up and the hustle THC believes that their brand loyalists are the canvas where dressing is fun, provocative and playful. 

This is one of the dopest drops in recent memory. There are so many heavy hitters, but the one we’re gonna fire up for this feature is this Cut Throat Turtleneck. Not only does it say CUT THROAT right across the juggler, but it also shows us the real path to destruction. “How to kill someone? Fill them up with love. And then disappear. Cut Throat.” We couldn’t agree more. This turtleneck is for those who have let someone crawl in and then claw their way out. 

Brand: THC
Model: Cut Throat Turtleneck
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

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