When it Comes to Premium Denim Style There is NOEND in Sight

Streetwear denim manufacturer NOEND offers up a vast selection of premium denim for the ladies. 

NOEND is a premium denim brand based in Los Angeles, Ca.  The brand is based on a rich heritage of denim with a timeless yet, distinctive American signature. Each piece in their  collection pays tribute to Brando, Dean, McQueen, Monroe, Farrah and other iconic stars that are known by a singular name. That’s when you know you’ve made it. Everything they make is made in Los Angeles with pride. This is a handcrafted brand with discrete details, uncompromising quality and American authenticity. That’s something we can stand behind.

When we first saw these Farrah Kick Flare Jeans the image that first came to our mind was the iconic pic of the amazing Farrah Fawcett (RIP) on a skateboard wearing bell bottoms and Nike Cortez sneakers. Nothing screams 70s-80s fire more than this. This new iteration from NOEND captures that classic bell bottom flared styling while adding cropped hems that will perfectly showcase your footwear.

Brand: NOEND
Model: Farrah Kick Flare Oxford
Release: Available NOW
Available on: TheDrop.com

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