Get a Jump with the Holiday 2020 Collection from Primitive

Primitive has just released the first capsule of their Holiday 2020 Collection. Here’s your chance to get a head start. 

Anybody remember the movie The Warriors? The year was 1979 it was a huge gathering of unscrupulous characters and somebody went and killed Cyrus, blamed it on the Warriors and then every gang in NYC was out to get them. One of the most sinister gangs in the movie were the Baseball Furies and that’s the image that first came to mind when we saw this MVP Baseball Hood. No it’s not the same uniform they wore, but it has that same vibe with its button down front and long sleeves. This is the one hood that says you’re ready to come out and play, in any hood. 

Brand: Primitive
Model: MVP Baseball Hood
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

In case you’ve been social distancing for the past 12 years, Primitive cut its teeth back in in 2008, with the help of co-owner/professional skater, Paul Rodriguez. The brand has become a streetwear industry mogul with bold designs and unique partnerships. With the addition of the skate hard goods division, and the subsequent acquisition of some of skateboarding’s biggest names and influencers, Primitive is now one of the global leaders in streetwear and action sports.

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