Street Art is On Display with the Reason x Basquiat Collection

This collection from Reason Clothing pays homage to legendary street artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Founded in 2004, Reason Clothing is a streetwear line committed to producing independent, quality, New York City-based clothing. The brand’s range consists of t-shirts, caps, woven shirts, knitwear, premium denim, outwear and accessories. Every piece of clothing released under the Reason Clothing label is designed, crafted and inspected to ensure a quality product and is produced in very limited quantities.

Jean-Michel Basquiat was an American painter. He was born December 22, 1960, in Brooklyn, New York Mostly known for his raw gestural style of painting with graffiti-like images and scrawled text. Sadly, at age 27, he was found dead in his loft from an overdose of heroin. Since his tragic departure his work has steadily increased in value. In fact during a Sotheby’s auction in May 2017, Untitled, a 1982 painting by Basquiat depicting a black skull with red and yellow rivulets, sold for $110.5 million, becoming one of the most expensive paintings ever purchased while setting a new record high for an American artist at auction. Not too shabby considering his impoverished Haitian and Puerto Rican descent.

It’s very difficult to feature one item from this collection, so we’re gonna feature two. The Pez Dispenser is an artwork he created in 1984. It depicts a dinosaur wearing a crown, staying true to Basquiat’s blending of street art elements with a complex, neo expressionist style. You can represent this legendary work of art with this BSQ Pez Tee or Joggers. Better yet, both make the perfect set.

Brand: Reason Clothing
Model: BSQ Pez Tee, Joggers
Release: Available NOW
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