Staple Pigeon Goes Abstract with their Fall 2020 Splatter Capsule

Fall is in full swing as Staple Pigeon paints up a masterpiece with this artistic splatter collection.

Staple Pigeon is a world-renowned brand which reflects the gritty and never-ending energy New Yorkers (and all urban dwellers) possess. It not only exists as a representation of New York, but The Pigeon is also the influence behind Staple’s extensive apparel range and collaborative items available across the world. Created and owned by Jeff Staple, who we consider the King of Collabs, the entire team at Staple would like to welcome you to join the flock.

Splatter painting most recently reminds us of the 90s, but it actually dates all the way back to the Abstract Expressionist Movement that began in New York in the 1940’s following World War II.  The movement was a response to art censorship in the United States at the time. Some of the art was used to express political opinions without it being considered biased toward any belief because of the abstract aspect. One of the pioneers from the Abstract Expressionist Movement is Jackson Pollock. He is most famous for his paintings in which he perfects the splatter painting technique. Also known as “Jack the Dripper”, if he were still with us, he’d probably be proud to rock this hand painted Splatter Denim Jacket. It’s a masterpiece!

Brand: Staple Pigeon
Model: Splatter Denim Jacket
Release: Available NOW
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