According to Nerdy Fresh, Paradi$e Is What You Make It

Nerdy Fresh begins a new chapter with Paradi$e and we got the scoop.

Founded in 2008, Nerdy Fresh is a Dallas, Texas based streetwear brand based on self-expression. The company believes fashion is the silent art of presenting one self to the world. There are no boundaries, rules or any restraining ideologies set by society in the company’s creativity and production process. According to the brand, Paradi$e is a new chapter. “What we always loved about fashion is the ability to create art people can enjoy and wear everyday. This is not a new brand, it’s simply the next phase in our creative process. We get to decide who we want to be everyday, life is full of obstacles, but the beauty is the art of consistency no matter what. Believe in yourself and build your own paradise. We started over 10 years ago and after several tweaks and turns, we are excited to present our latest creations.

The Butterfly Effect Hoodie actually sprung from its cocoon last year, but the timing couldn’t be better for a return trip. The butterfly represents change and that’s exactly what the world needs right now, a complete metamorphosis. This hoodie is cut from a cotton poly blend and features a left chest and arm embroidery patch, with the Paradi$e logo printed on the hood. Plus it’s made with love in Los Angeles, California. Paradi$e Is What You Make It!

Brand: Paradi$e by Nerdy Fresh
Model: Butterfly Effect Hoodie White
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

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