Being Free and Taking it Easy is What Free & Easy is All About

Free & Easy is a small brand that is making big waves in streetwear with some of the biggest stars in the world.

Free & Easy is the brainchild of entrepreneur Kevin Circosta. The Los Angeles-based brand basically became an overnight sensation when Lebron James wore their “Don’t Trip” hat during a press conference after a Cavs game in August of 2018. Prior to creating Fresh and Easy, Circosta worked in creative development for musicians and other brands. “I started with one hat and one t-shirt and began to grow from there.” Circosta had done creative development for brands, musicians, and companies for years before starting Free & Easy.Recently, the brand has been going viral making big waves with big names like John Mayer, Lebron James and Justin Bieber all rocking their apparel and accessories that are stylish, playful, free and easy!

The easy way out would be to feature that hat the Lebron wore, but that’s not how we roll here at LnL. We take a deeper dive and that’s where we discovered this Checkered Yin & Yang Long Sleeve for Kids. It’s pre-washed with that same look, feel and vibe as Free & Easy’s classic styles for adults. Sizing runs a bit big, but you’ll appreciate that because they grow up fast.

Brand: Free & Easy
Model: Kids Checkered Yin Yang Long Sleeve
Release: Available NOW
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