It’s Time To Meet Your Perfect Match Thanks to Staple Pigeon

Jeff Staple and his flock at Staple Pigeon have released three new tees to match a few of their previous collabs with some of the most iconic prints in streetwear.

Staple Pigeon is a world-renowned brand which reflects the gritty and never-ending energy New Yorkers (and all urban dwellers) possess. It not only exists as a representation of New York, but The Pigeon is also the influence behind Staple’s extensive apparel range and collaborative items available across the world. Created and owned by Jeff Staple, who we consider the King of Collabs, the entire team at Staple would like to welcome you to join the flock.

We’re not gonna lie. There’s an excellent chance that all three of these new tees will hit our cart, but the one we simply can’t live without is this Grails Logo Tee. Yep those are six of the most iconic prints from the biggest names in the biz all screened front and center. In fact, these styles rep previous collabs from Jeff and the Flock. Rock this shirt with any of the above for that Holy Grail style we covet so much.

Brand: Staple Pigeon
Model: Grails Logos Tee
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

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