Let’s Get Serious About this deKryptic x The Joker Collection

Last time we checked in on deKryptic they were hanging out on Sesame Street playing with Muppets. This time things have taken a sinister turn as they make their way to Gotham.

deKryptic is the combination of both the fashion industry and the technology industry working hand in hand to create something the world has never seen before…Augmented Reality Apparel & Accessories! The brand is creating a new social environment for consumer products where people can now express themselves in a whole new way. This time the put the augmented stuff on the back burner to focus on a new sequined product line.

deKryptic continues to build off their dope collaborations with this The Joker collection. Our favorite from the foursome is this Why So Serious Tee. Before Joaquin Phoenix wowed us with his iteration in Joker, Heath was doing his thing in a disturbing way with his spectacular performance in the Dark Night. Sadly just a few months later we lost him due to an overdose of prescription meds. Thanks a lot Big Pharma. Rest In Peace Heath!

Brand: deKryptic x The Joker
Model:  Why So Serious Tee White
Release: Available NOW
Available on: TheDrop.com

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