Nobody Feels Guilty About These New Fall Fits from Pleasures

Streetwear brand Pleasures get us ready for fall 2020 with new fire from their often controversial collection.

Pleasures is a Los Angeles based streetwear brand founded by Publish Brand designer Alex James in 2015, and is known for its punk, metal and grunge leanings. As a matter of fact, the LA-based streetwear brand gained a substantial amount of controversy after printing Kurt Cobain’s suicide note on a t-shirt. Since then, Pleasures has been conniving and collaborating with other fashion brands such as ROKIT, adidas, JSP, Akila and more on some creative capsules. As a result every item they drop conjures up feelings from the past interpreted into visual, cerebral and wearable expressions.

One item that’s is certainly lit is this Glass T-Shirt. Check you out in your little bubble. Isolated from everyone. Yep, you’re working from home. This is the perfect opportunity to chief it up on the down low. Go ahead. Nobody’s lookin’. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.

Brand: Pleasures
Model: Glass T-Shirt
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

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