We’re Stoked About These Restocked Decks from Pizza Skateboards

Pizza has just restocked some of their tastiest decks in new sizes too.

Skater-owned and hot out the oven, Pizza Skateboards has the cheesy goodness ready for you to shred. Baked in Sacramento, CA, Pizza Skateboards is one of the hottest young skate deck brands in the market. Cop their tees, hoodies, and crewnecks too. These guys are the real deal. Based in Sacramento, CA their team features real skaters riding real wood, not just execs making decks. Their boards are known for quality construction with no frills or bullshit. Just solid wood!

Doh! Here’s a rare chance to get your hands and feet on one of these Despicable Decks. It’s got that fresh bootleg artwork from our favorite cartoon family. Joe “The Homie from Down Under” outdid himself with this one and it’s now available in 8.5”. Don’t miss this Cowabunga Dude.

Brand: Pizza Skateboards
Model: Despicable Deck 8.5”
Release: Available NOW
Available on: TheDrop.com

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