Fashionable Recycled Footwear without the Footprint from CLAE

Los Angeles based footwear brand CLAE has released a collection of footwear using recycled materials on their most popular silhouettes. 

CLAE was created out of the need for a new approach to footwear which was to modernize the classic silhouettes to fit today’s active lifestyle. Using only premium leathers and materials the brand puts a strong emphasis on comfort and versatility. Since the beginning in 2001, CLAE has always been at the forefront of the casual sneaker movement. Check out this video for some insight to the brand’s style.

Exploring the growing capabilities of durable materials, CLAE is dedicated to minimizing their footprint on the environment while continuing to offer premium sneakers. This tremendous effort has developed new premium fabrics crafted from plastic waste that is rescued from our oceans and landfills. This repurposed waste is then transformed into highly durable materials such as recycled terry, mesh, and knit. All this love and more is prevalent in this new Herbie Textile Neo Mint Recycled Terry. This green sneaker is not only green in color. Features include a recycled mesh upper with synthetic suede panel accents, a vintage-inspired tongue with flat cotton laces, mesh lining on a classic EVA running outsole with recycled mesh lining on a classic EVA running outsole.

Brand: CLAE
Model: Herbie Textile Neo Mint Recycled
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

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