Rep Your Hood with Laguna Neighborhood Tees from North Menswear

Streetwear brand North has just dropped some local Neighborhood Tees to help you claim your turf.  

Based in Laguna Beach, California, North Menswear is premium men’s clothing boutique and brand that was started in 2014 by entrepreneur Pete Surprenant. Primarily focused on and specializing in American classics in apparel and accessories North began as a specialty boutique that focused on timeless apparel. In a world full of trends, the company strives to remain classic by offering well-made woven button downs and other clothing for everyone from teens to dads.

What school did you go to? What hood you grow up in? Answer these questions and more with this Dodge City Neighborhood Tee. Toto we ain’t in Kansas anymore because we’re talking Dodge City in Laguna, where Timothy Leary had his fun with LSD way back in 1968. This dope shirt will bring back memories or help create new ones, especially the fuzzy type.

Brand: North Menswear
Model: Dodge City Neighborhood Tee
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

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