Keep Your Kicks Clean Down to a Microscopic Level with Sneaker LAB

Hannah Ray @hannahrayninja helps show you how to keep your kicks extra crispy with the premium cleaning products from Sneaker LAB.

Sneaker LAB is a South African brand taking on a fresh approach to shoe care for more than 60 countries Worldwide. The brand finds inspiration from minimalist street-culture and the people who create it. Their all-natural formula takes a cue from nature, harnessing the same beneficial bacteria used to biodegrade organic waste. This biotechnology cleans at a microscopic level, continuing to work long after application, leaving your sneakers cleaner for longer. Not only that, but Sneaker LAB also contributes a portion of every unit sold in support of the initiative’s vision to uplift African youth. That’s something we can get behind.

Now that the NBA is back, it’s time to get your shoe game back on track as well. Lucky for you, Sneaker LAB offers a full line of cleaning products for your shoes that are ideal for quarantining at home and they also have handy wipes for when you’re on the go. The Premium Kit shown above contains everything you need for complete cleaning and total protection. Here’s what comes in the kit:

Sneaker Cleaner: This is an environmentally friendly, biodegradable cleaning solution that cleans at a microscopic level for up to 3 days after application.

Odor Protector: Is actually a water-based solution that is absorbed into the fibers of the fabric to form a lasting invisible barrier against dirt.

Sneaker Protector: This water-based solution is absorbed into the fibers of the fabric to form a lasting invisible barrier against dirt.

Premium Hard Wood Brush: Super plush bristles won’t harm your precious sneakers!

Brand: Sneaker LAB
Model: Premium Kit
Release: Available NOW
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