Skim Milk x Vice: A Match Made In Mammary

Skim Milk has just released a capsule of collaboration with Vice Magazine. Stay thirsty my friends.

Born in 2012, Skim Milk is a brand that isn’t afraid to call it like they see it when they craft their creations. They make clothing for high class lowlifes and the brand is proud of it. This latest venture with Vice was actually a life long dream which brings back fuzzy memories of rushing to Reckless Records in Chicago to snag a copy of the magazine each month.

Founded in Montreal in 1994, Vice is a Canadian-American print magazine focused on lifestyle, arts, culture with a little news and politics sprinkled in. In celebration of 25 years of being in print, Primitive Skateboards and Vice have joined forces to drop a small capsule collection recognizing the achievement. 25 years in this industry deserves respect!

Let’s take a hit off this Bong Tee for a moment. If you think about it, milk might just make a suitable replacement for water in this situation, but you don’t want to be using that stale milk on your Crunch Berries. Seriously…these are high quality 100% white cotton 90s fit crew neck t-shirts that have been specially treated to have a worn look and soft touch. Made for him, but will always look better on her, duh! This is a one-week pre-sale capsule that will ship on August 18th.

Brand: Skim Milk x Vice
Model:  Bong, Dairy, Milk Bar
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

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