Now You Can Get To Sesame Street Via deKryptic

Streetwear brand deKryptic has just released a blingy, sequined collaboration with the iconic children’s television series Sesame Street.  

deKryptic is the combination of both the fashion industry and the technology industry working hand in hand to create something the world has never seen before…Augmented Reality Apparel & Accessories! The brand is creating a new social environment for consumer products where people can now express themselves in a whole new way. This time the put the augmented stuff on the back burner to focus on a new sequined product line.

deKryptic continues to build of their collaborations with this new joint venture with Sesame Street. We love all these new iterations, but Oscar was our favorite from the iconic children’s series and this Sequined Oscar Tee perfectly personifies the state that the world is currently in…Grumpy AF! One thing is certain, if we were playing one of these things just doesn’t belong here, that thing would be hate.

Brand: deKryptic
Model:  Sequined Oscar Tee
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

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