Make A Wish For These Fountain Pro Team Decks from Toy Machine

Legendary skateboard brand Toy Machine has dropped a collection of team decks in collaboration with renowned animator Erik Fountain.

Although they need no introduction, Toy Machine is a self-proclaimed bloodsucking skateboarding company that has been manipulating loyal pawns since 1993. Through superior deck construction, world-renowned t-shirts, and state of the art wheel design the brand has devoted the last 21 years to brainwashing young skaters into die-hard fans who stay loyal to the quality they have grown addicted to.

Erik Fountain aka @ahhratfarts is a skater and an animator who has worked for Disney and other major studios. He has put in work for Toy Machine, most recently doing the animation featured in Programming Injection. This new @axelcrusher Pro Model is just one flame from this inferno, but it represents the heat of Erik’s entire collection. Get Some Poser!

Brand: Toy Machine
Model: Axel Fountain Deck
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

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