Let Positivity Prevail with the Posterized Collection from Staple Pigeon

Staple Pigeon has just dropped the first capsule of their summer 2020 collection. This one is called Posterized.

Staple Pigeon is also a world-renowned brand which reflects the gritty and never-ending energy New Yorkers (and all urban dwellers) possess. It not only exists as a representation of New York, but The Pigeon is also the influence behind Staple’s extensive apparel range and collaborative items available across the world.  

Not gonna lie we have been craving some Staple Pigeon over here at LnL. That’s why when we saw this capsule hit we all said…WHA! Back in the day the word Posterized meant being slam dunked on in an embarrassing way by a much more dominant player. It was bold and in your face, just like this new Posterized Cut Out Tee. What you see here is Lady Liberty surrounded by fierce 90s style graphics and the message “A Positive Social Contagion.” By definition Contagion means the communication of disease from one person to another by close contact. So, with all this Covid-19 and Social Injustice going on it’s about time we see some positivity.  We salute you Jeff!

Brand: Staple Pigeon
Model: Posterized Cut Out Tee
Release: Available NOW
Available on: TheDrop.com

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