Friday Focus: A Moment with A. Tiziano

It’s time for the Friday Focus where we take a deeper dive into some of the lesser know streetwear brands on the come up. This week we had a chance to speak with Cindy Molt, Lead Designer at A. Tiziano.

Hi Cindy, It’s interesting to get to talk to the person that actually designs the products how did you end up at A. Tiziano and what do you bring to the table?

Hi, It’s nice to meet you. I come from a graphic design background and I always had a passion for the men’s market. I guess you could say I bring 25 years of experience in apparel to the table.

When reading your “about us” which seems to be very male centric, our assumption is that you cater to everyone now?

Menswear is definitely our focus at A. Tiziano but we are always looking to expand our footprint in the market. We have added some items for women and we have noticed that dads and kids want to dress alike. It’s the mini me phenomenon. One obstacle we have is that we’re a premium brand and the price points for kids are challenging.

What’s the story behind the name A. Tiziano?

We are actually owned and operated by International News, the creator of the urban legend brand MECCA.  After selling the license many years ago, IN decided to launch a new division of sportswear designed to fill a void in the market for the urban man who is becoming more distinguished as life progresses. The name A. Tiziano was actually based on a fictional story about Andrew Tiziano, our Italian born, Brooklyn bound designer as he seeks to dress the American man with his inherent European flair to compliment the Yankee street charm. He is inspired by the American that enjoyed rap and hip hop in his youth, grew up dressing in urban clothing and now has graduated to a more sophisticated look. Having outgrown logo-laden apparel, he is looking for products that will reflect his uniqueness and position in life without compromising comfort or his urban roots.

Interesting story. Thanks for sharing that. We notice a rabbit in the logo and on some designs. What’s the meaning of the rabbit?

The rabbit actually was inspired from the Chinese horoscope. The rabbit denotes freshness, new life and excellent taste.

Speaking of excellent taste, what brands did you get your inspiration from when you were just starting out?

I don’t really get inspiration from brands but more from styles. A few of the brands I do wear are Lacoste and G Star. I’m also a fan of Prps. I like what they bring to the table.

As a company what has been your biggest struggle during this pandemic?

Oh wow! It’s definitely manufacturing and shipping. We do a lot of our business with India and Hong Kong and as you know they are basically on shut down. Those are the things we can’t control. The struggle is real!

On a more personal note, what are your thoughts about the George Floyd tragedy and the tragic state our country is in right now?

It was horrific. It’s very sad a man lost his life. I support the protestors, but some are taking it too far with the violence and looting. That’s helping nobody.

We couldn’t agree more. On a more positive note, what’s next on the horizon for A. Tiziano?

Coming next is our Summer ’20 Delivery 2 – “Living Color.”  The collection will hopefully drop around the 4th of July and will include a bit of Americana. The colors are mostly classic with some added fashion pop, saturated and bright. Just perfect for summer, now if only we can get them on time! 

Thanks for taking the time Cindy. I really enjoyed our conversation.

Thank you. It was really nice speaking with you. Talk soon.

Now that you have some insight into A. Tiziano, let’s take a look at the goods. As you can see everything has a certain level of sophistication. Take this Ricky Rabbit Crew Neck T-Shirt for example. He’s fresh, he represents new life and has excellent taste, just like you!

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