Carry All That Gear with Sweet Street Bags from Slushcult

Streetwear brand Slushcult quenches our thirst with a new collection of bags to hold all this stuff.

Slushcult is an Orange County lifestyle brand based on a devotion to frozen beverages and snacks alike. The brand is all about being fierce using a bold color palate that many wouldn’t even attempt. The brand has always believed in quality over quantity, now they’re creating products that are made to last to lesson the environmental footprint.

Whether you call them bum bags, fanny packs or nut rucks, wearing a bag around your waist dates all the way back to the 1950s for skiers and really hit the scene in the 90s when skateboarders brought them into the spotlight. Interesting enough the bags started getting a bad rap in the fashion scene as phone clips and wearing other things around your waist became a fashionable no no. Well 2020 is here and as we accumulate more essential stuff to carry around, there is a new need for all types of bags to hold all types of gear. We’re especially into this Adventure Fanny Pack with Leopard print. It’s got a 52″ strap to fit all body types and 3 spacious compartments to hold all your stuff in style.

Brand: Slushcult
Model: Adventure Fanny Pack Leopard
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

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