Take a Stand and Take Action!

The following is a very important message from our friends at TheDrop.com.

Dear Friends and Fam,

We stand against racism and the system that perpetuates police violence against the black community.  We support you as you make your voices heard in an effort to eliminate inequality in America.

As we mourn the murder of George Floyd, there is an opportunity for each and every one of us to change how the story of our country is written. Our youth deserve a better world. We want our children, nieces, nephews and loved ones to have an equal opportunity for health and happiness in this world. No one should have to live in fear of law enforcement. ‘Talk’ brings awareness, but Action will deliver the changes that must be made. 

You can be a part of the change that this country needs by Donating to worthy organizations, Supporting these organizations and their events, Strengthening your community by being more directly involved in local organizations, and by VOTING in local, state and national elections.

Change will only happen if we all act together as one. Change does not happen unless enough people make it so. Below are organizations that are on the frontlines and need YOUR support. Enough support = CHANGE. Thank you for taking a stand. Now it’s time to take ACTION and donate where you can truly make a difference!

The following organizations are currently on the frontlines and need your support:

Campaign Zero

Limit police interventions, improve community interactions and ensure accountability.


Winning Justice

Help make prosecutors more transparent and accountable.


National Police Accountability Project

Don’t just say F the police. Make them accountable for their actions!


National Bail Fund Network

Ensure that proper bail opportunities are available for everyone who needs them.


Color of Change

If you’re not in a position to donate and still want to take action, sign this petition to protect Black Voters.


Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (PLAN)

Organizing, promoting fairness and justice to create a Nevada that puts people and planet first.


Vegas Freedom Fund

Help combat mass incarceration in Clark County and free the protesters that have been wrongfully incarcerated.


Now we’d like to share some images that have a positive impact towards this tragic loss of human life. RIP George!

A mural might just be the most peaceful type of protest. We credit @mrdetail_seven and @bankslave for this masterpiece.
Illustrator and graphic designer Andres Guzman lived in the same Minneapolis neighborhood where the tragedy happened. This is his tribute to George.
Floyd who grew up in Houston’s Third Ward was also a member of DJ’s Screw’s hip-hop collective “The Screwed Up Click”. Photo credit unknown.
George was also known as “Big Floyd the Gentle Giant” in the community where he grew up because his size made him impossible to miss.

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