Conceal Your Stash with Smell Proof Technology from Formline Supply

Formline Supply offers a collection of smell proof bags and containers that really do what they were made for.

Born in 2017, Formline Supply is a family run business based in Los Angeles, California. The brand offers what many claim to be the best smell proof accessories on the market. In a sea of ugly designs, cheesy logos and cringe worthy brand names, Formline was created to offer the ultimate in both fashion and function to resolve a very common problem….concealing the scent of certain substances in public. Each smell proof product in their collection was designed and field-tested a minimum of 3 months prior to production. Plus, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on everything!

The Formline SoCal Series Backpack offers the best of both worlds. A fully functional backpack built for laptops, gaming systems or books with a fully lined front pouch with their innovative smell proof technology. The front pouch on this backpack is actually a totally odor proof front case. It’s ideal for herbs, spices, gym clothes, dog treats and even diapers. This is made possible due to the built-in activated charcoal traps and heavy-duty, waterproof zippers. Rest assured that your stash is safe, secure and smell proof, no matter what substances you’re into.

Brand: Formline Supply
Model: SoCal Series Smell Proof Backpack
Release: Available NOW
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