Spark Up The “Electric Vacation” Collection from THC

Streetwear brand THC has just dropped a high voltage capsule of new and updated classics from their top shelf collection.

Based in Trinidad & Tobago THC is a streetwear brand that has been cultivated from The Hideout Clothing store. Inspired by the surroundings and upbringings of the founders, THC offers a blend of Caribbean themes, with strong influences of international fashions and trends. Extensive global travel helps the company to offer real organic products that are galvanized by the daily lives of hard working, self-made entrepreneurs. Representing the streets, the come-up and the hustle THC believes that their brand loyalists are the canvas where dressing is fun, provocative and playful.

We reached out to THC to ask them what was the inspiration for their “Electric Vacation” collection. Here’s what they had to say. “We drew inspiration for the vibe and the name of the collection from two specific pillars. First, is that spring is the time of year Carnival takes places in Trinidad & Tobago. This is a vacation destination for many and there is usually an electric atmosphere around this time of the year but since we have this pandemic going on we’re all on lockdown and once this all passes we should all take a vacation from our electronics, enjoy the moment more and disconnect so to speak – hence this would also be an “Electric Vacation”. Well said THC, that concept is certainly something we can get behind. Something we want to get RN is this Never Rat Pocket Tee. This tee is actually one of THCs heavy hitters from the past and we’re so glad they brought it back. Remember never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut because snitches get stitches and they’ll never get their paws on this dope shirt!

Brand: THC
Model: Never Rat Pocket Tee Blue
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

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