These Neckgators From Discrete Are Anything But

Adventure clothing brand Discrete has a collection of Neckgators that are ideal for these uncertain times.

Discrete is a clothing brand that was created for for the seekers, the soul surfers, the doers, creators and explorers. The brand gets its inspiration from discrete mathematics. Founder, Julian Carr learned these principles in a computer science class at the University of Utah. These mathematical principles can’t be concretely defined. Carr loved this connection with fashion and applying it to a headwear company was seamless. Discrete was built on the belief that life is best when we carve our own line. That’s why they encourage us all to go outside to find what’s inside. That’s deep indeed!

There is a lot of controversy over wearing something to cover your face during this pandemic. The truth of the matter is the purpose for wearing something is to protect others just in case you yourself are infected and don’t know about it. Just think about it for a moment, it’s the same principle of covering your mouth when you cough but you’re not coughing into your hand or someone else’s airspace. Get it?

Now let’s take a look at these Neckgators from Discrete. These were actually made for snow sports season, but they also happen to be ideal for a Pandemic as well. Comfortably sport one around your neck, then when needed simply pull it up around your mug. Made from a protective tech polyester material that’s soft, light, breathable and quick-to-dry this Astronaut Neckgator tells people to get away from your personal space with an out of this world design. Plus, you can wear it boarding next season!

Brand: Discrete
Model: Astronaut Neckgator
Release: Available NOW
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