It’s Official. Wearing a Mask in Public is Mandatory!

Streetwear Official has released a massive collection of stylish masks that are totally lit.

If you have been living under a rock, let us share some information with you. Masks are essential! And in case you didn’t know, the purpose for wearing a mask is to protect others just in case you yourself are infected and are unaware. Wearing a mask shows you care about somebody other than yourself. Not wearing one means you’re a selfish POS. Besides many public places are requiring some sort of face protection, so why not wear something on point?

Available in mens, women’s and kids sizes, these facemasks by Streetwear Official are composed of high quality cotton and made in the USA. Each one features a Digital Print on front and cotton backing. These masks are nice and light, super soft and comfortable. Streetwear Official takes all precautions when manufacturing these masks at their facility to ensure cleanliness at all times. These are made to order and they are working around the clock. Due to high demand expect 10-15 business Days to receive your mask. Now that you know all about them, all you have to do is pick a favorite. We personally dig this Hustle Fellas version. Not only does that expression reflect our current mood perfectly, there’s also nothing more awesome than that iconic Ray Liotta Laugh from the cinema classic Goodfellas.

Brand: Streetwear Official
Model: Hustle Fellas Mask
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

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