Trip Out On This Acid Ply Collection from Quasi Skateboards

Skateboard and apparel brand Quasi reveal a new Acid Ply Collection. Find out what it’s all about.

Originally dubbed Mother Collective the company had to change their name due to copyright issues. Quasi Skateboards is primarily the creation of Jake Johnson and Gilbert Crockett, who are better known for their work with Alien Workshop. The two reconnected with the former Alien Team manager, Chad Bowers to form what is now affectionately called Quasi. Portraying the artistic creativity that is lurking in the minds of many skateboarders, the brand is inspired by the passion displayed by team riders Justin Henry, Tyler Bledsoe, Josh Wilson, Al Davis, and Dick Rizzo.  

We reached out to Quasi to ask them about this new Acid Ply collection and what it really was all about. Q at Quasi told us verbatim “Acid Ply is a technology unlike any other, it doesn’t rely on any novelty materials or any sort of special production. It solely relies on VIBES.” So what we can decipher from that is there really isn’t any new technology put into these decks per se. Acid Ply won’t make you Ollie higher, but they are for the most part wicked designs that provoke an attitude to be abnormal and cut against the grain whenever possible. Take this Bledsoe Acid Ply White Deck for example. Created for team rider Tyler Bledsoe, it features crazy graphics that appear to have been inspired by a psychedelic stay at the trippiest place on earth. You can come to your own conclusion on that.

Brand: Quasi Skateboards
Model: Bledsoe Acid Ply White Deck
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

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