Wear One In Style. We’re Gonna Be Here for a While.

Streetwear brand North Menswear has collaborated with renowned street artist Ali Sabet to create some personal protection masks to help stay safe while looking good during these troubled times.

Based in Laguna Beach, California, North Menswear is a quality men’s clothing boutique and brand that was started in 2014 by entrepreneur Pete Surprenant. Primarily focused on and specializing in American classics in apparel and accessories North began as a specialty boutique that focused on timeless apparel. In a world full of trends, the company strives to remain classic by offering well-made woven button downs and other clothing for everyone from teens to dads.

Now let’s talk about masks for a moment. The purpose for wearing a mask to protect others in case you yourself are infected and don’t know about it. Wearing one shows you care about somebody other than yourself. Not wearing one means you’re a selfish f*ck. Plus, have you tried to go out in public without one? You ain’t getting in that shop unless you cover your mug. If you’re going to have to wear something over your face what’s better than this Wonder 2020 Mask that was repurposed from an original painting by Ali Sabet. Floral patterns created for an incredible mural project lend themselves beautifully to this everyday washable, reusable mask. This mask is also special because it’s the design that was sent to all the doctors and nurses in NY Lincoln Hospital to lift up their spirits and thank them for all the love and soul they’ve put in saving lives during this time of uncertainty. Plus, North Menswear is donating 20% of all proceeds from these masks to help support small businesses in need. If you are unfamiliar with Sabet, he’s an Iranian born artist who is always down for a cause. In fact in a recent interview he said, “Creating for a good cause is one of the most rewarding experiences and contributions I do”. That’s something we can stand behind and we so glad he did this collaboration with North. Things are looking up!

Brand: North Menswear
Model: Sabet Wonder 2020 Mask
Release: Available NOW
Available on: TheDrop.com

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