Light Up the Streets with the Cloudstryk Australis

Last week we told you that Clearweather would not be dropping any more kicks until we’ve kicked this virus to the curb. Well, we’re happy to report that we were misinformed.

In a quest to build a less corporate more independent footwear brand, Clearweather was started by Josh and Brandon Brubaker. Brandon was a huge influence on his brother Josh as a shoe designer in the early 90’s designing some of the most iconic pro model skate shoes of the era, motivating Josh to begin drawing shoes through grade school. Many of skateboarding’s truly unique shoes have come from the minds of or have been influenced by these two. And now they’re working together on Clearweather to bring their best ideas forward without having to navigate through the corporate red tape. Their efforts have resulted in some of the illest recent footwear builds to date.

The Cloudstryk is one of the most popular and longest running silhouettes that Clearweather Brand has in its portfolio. This is a versatile runner that has proven to be a fan favorite over the years. The Brubaker brothers have themed their Spring/Summer 2020 collection after natural phenomena that occurs throughout the world and this newest Australis colorway, specifically draws from the Southern Polar lights to help influence the color palette. Various gray hues with color pops of blue accent the shoe mirroring the bright lights of the Aurora Australis. Don’t sleep on your size and yes these now run true to size.

Brand: Clearweather
Model: Cloudstryk Australis
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

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