Step Up Your Stilo With Heavy Hitters from Qilo

New York-centric Streetwear brand Qilo, has released a killer collection for spring/summer 2020.

Born and bred in NYC since 2013, Qilo is a brand built by two college friends that specializes in creating fun, unique streetwear, drawing design inspiration from various sources such as anime, comics, and other nostalgia from their childhood. Guided by their vision to create the perfect 5-panel cap, Qilo is now an international brand that continues to re-imagine and re-shape classic styles and silhouettes. The pineapple is the brand’s central motif, and also the international symbol of hospitality, which helps Qilo provide their followers with a sense of hospitality, welcoming and fun. That’s a nice message considering these troubled times.

There’s a lot of heat in the spring/summer capsule from Qilo and to be honest this Rodman Tee has been out a few weeks, but the spectacular mini-series The Last Dance has put all things related to the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls teams on the front burner. The NBA had never seen a personality like Dennis Rodman and probably never will again. The series highlights the flamboyant side of Rodman, known for his tattoos, metal piercings, eccentric outfits and love for the ladies, but it also offers a glimpse of him as a shy and introverted young player trying to navigate the NBA landscape as a member of the Detroit Pistons “Bad Boys”. Whether you prefer the earlier version Rodman or the polarizing figure he became, you can rep him in style with this classic shirt.

Brand: Qilo NYC
Model: Rodman Tee White
Release: Available NOW
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