Contemporary Structural Pieces from Vitaly

Streetwear accessory brand Vitaly offers up more wicked stainless steel accessories for 2020.

Vitaly are the self-described Accessory Architects. The company was started by jewelry designer Shane Vitaly Foran out of Toronto, Canada in 2011. The brand takes inspiration from the industrial nature of the manufacturing process itself. The resulting accessories, watches and clothing are contemporary and structural, making use of geometric forms and ultra-clean lines. When the brand first started out they were working with wood and ceramic, but today each piece they make is constructed from 316 stainless. Stainless steel does not rust, tarnish or turn your skin green. It also happens to be the most recycled material on the planet. For that reason each piece made by Vitaly may contain remnants of skyscrapers, bridges or car parts — a cycle that continually influences the brand’s experimental design process.

Speaking of dope designs we’re loving this bold, Zero choker chain that features highly-polished squared-off links that snap shut with a low-profile carabineer. Offered up in traditional Stainless or fiery Multicolor finish at 50cm long, the Zero is the perfect length to show off under a stylish V-neck or crew. It’s also important to note that everything Vitaly makes comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Brand: Vitaly
Model: Zero
Release: Available NOW
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