Contemporary Classic Streetwear from Konus

Up and coming streetwear brand Konus has just released their spring collection for 2020.

Originated in 2014, Konus Brand is a men’s RTW fashion label that presents contemporary designs of classic street style items that reach beyond their casual and urban essence. Konus is a movement that embraces modern culture and recognizes the need for timeless, high quality products that are part of this modern age. Striving to maintain the highest level of design and quality – each collection is created with the new breed of global fashion influences in mind. Come experience the classic styling of Konus.

Konus definitely offers up a vast selection and it was a challenge to spotlight just a single item. We chose this Navy Oversize Long Sleeve. It’s ultra soft, super simple and as you can see it’s got that perfect boyfriend fit. So even if you’re lucky enough to get one, you might never get a chance to wear it.

Brand: Konus
Model: Navy Oversize Long Sleeve
Release: Available NOW
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