Special Delivery from Crooks & Castles

The Crooks & Castles comeback continues in spring 2020 as the brand keeps dropping the goods that once made them Kings of the streetwear castle. Scroll for details.

Crooks & Castles was established in 2002 on the principles of family and loyalty. The company had a belief that behind every castle stands a crook. Meaning behind every empire, someone did something that can be perceived as crooked to achieve his or her goal. Castles represents their goal. The brand was built for every hustler, entrepreneur, or mogul trying to win.

All these new items are pretty dope, but this Ski Mask Smoke Emoji Tee is top shelf. Just check out those eyes. Yep, Mr. Emoji is high AF. Let’s just assume that ski mask is for keeping this little crook warm and toasty when he’s not in the comforts of his castle.


Brand: Crooks & Castles
Model: Ski Mask Emoji Tee
Release: Available NOW
Available on: TheDrop.com