Elevate Your Sock Game with Toy Machine

Legendary skateboard brand Toy Machine has dropped some sic new socks for styling and profiling. Scroll for details. 

Toy Machine is a self-proclaimed bloodsucking skateboarding company that has been manipulating loyal pawns since 1993. Through superior deck construction, world-renowned t-shirts, and state of the art wheel design the brand has devoted the last 21 years to brainwashing young skaters into die-hard fans who stay loyal to the quality they have grown addicted to.

This pair of Stoner Sect Socks are so dope. Just check out that red eye express. Wear these whenever you’re getting lit or lighting up it doesn’t matter. Your feet will be warm and cozy just in time for the sticky icky.


Brand: Toy Machine
Model: Stoner Sect Sock
Release: Available NOW
Available on: TheDrop.com