Hit Any Pavement In Style with Asphalt

Up and coming streetwear brand Asphalt has release some classic cuts for the new season. Scroll for details.

Founded in 2013 Asphalt is the creation of professional skateboarder Stevie Williams who wanted to create an apparel brand that would recognize the unifying potential of skateboarding fashion. A celebration of the wide-ranging walks of life that all find common ground through skateboarding, Asphalt is known for genre-bending designs and a skate team that embodies the diversity of the culture it represents where nothing is given — everything is earned. 

We’re absolutely in love with the new collection and the piece that stands out from the pack is this Paradise Long Sleeve Tee. At first glance it looks harmless enough but upon closer look you’ll find a really sinister scene and that poor little fly is about to be a main course. Yes, that’s a flesh eating plant with the words Follow Me To Paradise. Sorry, not sorry Vegans.

Brand: Asphalt
Model: Paradise Long Sleeve Tee
Release: Available NOW
Available on: TheDrop.com