Kid Dangerous Keeps Things Fresh for 2020

Streetwear brand Kid Dangerous has released some awesome new tees for the New Year. Scroll for details. 

Kid Dangerous presents itself as a unique middle ground for consumers who appreciate the world of high fashion but still look to dress outside the mainstream. In today’s world, we see the lines between dressy and casual, preppy and punk, growing blurrier every day and our brand is positioned to embrace that shift. We’ve pledged to put the garment first – providing high quality Men’s products with stark in your face graphics that connect to people on a deeper level than the typical knee-jerk response to a company logo. While others have tried to use their name to sell the design, we’re committed to using the design to sell our name.

There are few things in life that are as cool as a vintage boombox. In fact it’s quite possible that the boombox is one of man’s best inventions ever created. The lights, the dials and that oh so sweet sound of music. Pretty much the same can be said about this Boomboxes Black T-Shirt from Kid Dangerous. Wear this 100% cotton shirt to any occasion and you’ll be the one keeping the beat.


Brand: Kid Dangerous
Model: Boomboxes Black T-Shirt
Release: Available NOW
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