Rock Your Gear In Style This Year with AMG

Atomic Mission Gear (AMG) offers up stylish bags that will hold all your gear and keep everyone’s attention in 2020. Scroll for details.

Based just outside Los Angeles, California, Atomic Mission Gear made its first debut to the world during a Highsnobiety project event in Las Vegas in 2018. Their products are divided into three market tiers: Base, Core and Lux. Each tier of the product line has a sequence characterized as functional, practical and durable gear. Every bag in the AMG collection features a stylish, functional design that’s built to withstand the test of time.

When we selected this Apex Coyote Backpack we had versatility in mind. It’s constructed from 500D Cordura. The inside is fully padded with ample compartments to ensure your cargo are safely stored and organized and a drop-down pocket located at the bottom of the bag is available when additional space is needed. There are also multiple handles on several sides of the Apex to allow multi-directional carrying options. The Apex Coyote is also equipped with a para-cord handle, connected with two 1” ADF Raptor Buckles for easy removal. These quick release Raptor buckles are rated at 2000+ lbs. Beat that.

Brand: Atomic Mission Gear
Model: Apex Coyote Backpack
Release: Available NOW
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