Stay Lit 24/7 with SK8 Candles

SK8 Candles is a skateboarding lifestyle company that offers scented candles in the shape of classic skateboard wheels. Scroll for details.

SK8 Candles was founded in 2019 and is the brainchild of founder Bryan Jordan and his team of designers, illustrators, professional athletes, and celebrities. The company offers the World’s first Skate Wheel candles, using a patented mold and 4 color printing process while collaborating with the world’s most influential skaters and extreme sport athletes. The end result is a stackable non-toxic soy candle, with unique and ever-changing designs and scents. Each one is extremely limited and highly collectible. 

Every candle in this entire collection is straight lit. It was difficult to select a favorite so we’re gonna go nostalgic and feature this 70’s Pure Juice Tribute SK8 Candle. It’s got a legendary style and pays tribute to the most explosive era in skateboarding. Fire this up when the power goes out or if your pad needs refreshing when friends pop over.


Brand: SK8 Candles 
Model: 70’s Sims Pure Juice Tribute Wheel
Release: Available NOW
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