8&9 Keeps Droppin Dimes for 2020

Streetwear brand 8&9 recently released some new shirts and hoodies that are straight lit. Stay cozy with these new drips from the 305. Scroll for more.

8&9 is an independent, Miami based streetwear brand. Aesthetically 8&9 combines an aggressive anti-establishment attitude with quality design, classic sneaker color ways and re-appropriated pop culture references. The brand is heavily influenced by the beauty and grit of the Miami street scene.

Each piece in this collection deserves mentioning but since we know you don’t have all day may we suggest this Infinite Pullover Tie Dye Sprite Hoodie. from their Making Moves collection. It’s a premium heavyweight Tie Dye hoodie with an 8&9 Infinite logo and back print. Better not snooze on this one, because there will be no restocks.


Brand: 8&9
Model: Infinite Pullover Tie Dye Sprite Hoodie
Release: Available NOW
Available on: TheDrop.com