Get Iced Up and Blinged Out with new Pieces from HipHopBling

If bling bling is your thing there’s no better connection than our homies at HipHopBling. Scroll for fire.

HipHopBling is a jewelry wholesaler/retailer with tremendous experience and knowledge of the hip-hop jewelry segment. The company has been around for nearly 20 years offering the finest products to consumers and hip hop related retailers across the globe. They have grown from a small room during the 90s to a full-blown 25,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Columbia, MD shipping hundreds of orders each day. Their mission is simple and they stand by it each and every day.

HipHopBling has such a vast assortment of jury so it wasn’t easy singling out one piece to feature. After much deliberation we’re going with this Trap House. Not only have we never seen trap house pendant for sale but this one is available in Gold or Rhodium with long lasting quality finish and VVS CZ Simulated Diamonds Give you the most realistic shine.


Brand: HipHopBling
Model: Trap House Gold, Rhodium
Release: Available NOW
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