Turn Back Time with World of Troop

World of Troop has just brought back several of their most popular styles from the 80s. Scroll for details.

Born in the Bronx during the Golden Age of Hip-Hop, World of Troop launched in 1985 and instantly made their mark on the history of urban fashion. At a time when the mainstream viewed Hip-Hop culture as nothing more than a passing fad, Troop was the first brand to embrace and specifically cater to the Hip-Hop consumer with their Troop jacket and Troop sneaker releases. Nearly 30 years later, a whole new generation is emulating the style that Troop originated back then.

World of Troop were the originators of urban fashion. That’s because back in the day, they were doing things nobody else was doing using bold graphics and bright colors with fits that catered to the urban scene. It doesn’t seem that long ago when people like LL Cool J were representing the brand by donning heavy hitters like this Arrow Track Pullover Jacket. It’s made of 100% Nylon featuring embroidered logos and a half zip front. Momma said knock you out!

Brand: World of Troop
Model: Arrow Track Pullover Jacket
Release: Available NOW
Available on: TheDrop.com