Friday Focus: Bubblegum Pink

It’s time for the Friday Focus where we take a deeper dive into the lesser-known brands on the come up. This week we had a chance to sit down with Antonella and Ami the co-owners of Bubblegum Pink. 


Ladies, thanks for taking the time to talk. Tell me a little about the background of your brand Bubblegum Pink.

Hi, our pleasure. We were both working on an art project while we were attending the University of California San Diego (UCSD). We were multi-media arts majors and to be honest we really didn’t like college so we just started focusing on doing zines. As the zines grew in popularity we started putting our graphics on t-shirts. 

Is Bubblegum Pink Solely owned and operated by women?

Yep, it’s just the two of us.

I notice vegan messaging in many of your designs. Is the company all Vegan?

Yes, we really embrace a healthier Vegan lifestyle and were big animal advocates/lovers.

I assume you also use sustainable materials as well?

We do whenever possible. Occasionally it’s not. We have been working with Royal Apparel who specialize in eco-friendly apparel. They have a process where they use recycled plastic bottles to help create their fabric. We’re hoping to do an exclusive partnership with them in the future.

What got you started in Streetwear?

We really weren’t into the college scene so we put our focus into something we were more passionate about. We didn’t have any idea how to start a business. In 2017 we attended a Vegan Festival in Pasadena and started showing our designs. We got some great feedback and just went with it.

Bubblegum Pink is a very interesting name. How did it come about? 

Well, we always have bubblegum. And we’re girly girls, but still independent women. The name just stuck. Lol. 

What differentiates Bubblegum Pink from other brands?

We are all about art and not business. We love art. It’s our passion. The independent stuff the grungy art. That’s our thing.

What are some streetwear brands that cater to females that you respect today?

I’d have to say Tuesday Bassen is one of our favorites. They have a classic vintage vibe that we love. They are authentic and use real everyday people to model their apparel and be their brand ambassadors.

What’s your biggest challenge in the streetwear business day to day?

Negativity. We’re artists and sometimes people don’t understand art. We like things raw, un-perfect and we’re not shy. I mean a women’s body is a women’s body. Some are offended by nudity, provocative things. I guess that’s our biggest hurdle.

When is your next drop for Bubblegum Pink? What can we expect to see in it?

We’ve just released some new items just in time for the holidays. Some sassy shirts and sweatshirts. Super cute stuff!

Ladies, I really appreciate your time, one last question. What’s your goal for the brand in 2020?

It’s been a lot of fun. Thank you for the write up. Next year we’re going to continue to break through perfection. Keep things edgy and grungy, cute, fun and cruelty free. We’ve also got a great collection for kids on the way. Our goal is not to just attend more shows next year, but to sell them out. 

There you have it. 15 minutes with the founders of Bubblegum Pink. Now let’s take a look at their recent collection. Check out this Happy Holidaze Sweatshirt featuring a cute little Rudolph sparking a J. It’s lit!

Brand: Bubblegum Pink
Model: Happy Holidaze Sweatshirt
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