Quench That Streetwear Thirst with Slushcult

Slushcult always pours it on when it comes to amazing street apparel. This drop is no different. Scroll for more. 

Slushcult is an Orange County lifestyle brand based on a devotion to frozen beverages and snacks alike. The brand is all about being fierce using a bold color palate that many wouldn’t even attempt. The brand has always believed in quality over quantity, now they’re creating products that are made to last to lesson the environmental footprint.

Not only are these by far the best tees Slushcult has ever released, there’s also an interesting story behind this Seymour Tee. Legend has it Seymour is an office plant at Slushcult headquarters, but he was a victim of poor parenting and bad decisions. Once daddy figured out that plants need natural light and water, Seymour made his triumphant comeback and is now large and in charge. Take it from Seymour and this shirt, no matter how bad things get, never give up!


Brand: Slushcult
Model: Seymour Tee
Release: Available NOW
Available on: TheDrop.com